Terminator Slot

Terminator Slot

It's Judgment Day and you've been targeted, not for termination, but for winning the Terminator slot at Party Casino, the most awesome online casino slot game that has been released on the internet. He'll be back... so hasta la vista baby and start playing!

The Terminator slot at Party Casino can be defined in just one word – Awesome! The game is based on the sci-fi flick The Terminator that made us all believe that machines may just take over the world someday. The graphics, animation and the audio in this game are superb. I think the game has really done the movie justice. The blue background with a metallic tinge reminds you of the metallic and icy robots.

The game has 5 reels and 20 paylines and the highest jackpot is a fantastic $50,000! The game has plenty of action and a really cool bonus feature. The wild symbol in the game is the Terminator Logo. It can take the place of any symbol to make a winning combination, but it cannot replace the scatter symbol.

The scatter is the T800 head. The symbol is really cool and looks just like the robot in the movie with gleaming red eyes! If you get three or more T800s on the reels then you activate the Sarah Connor Bonus Feature. During this feature you are the Terminator and your job is to shoot all the targets and chase Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese as they try to escape the building. For every target that you that you hit you are awarded a bonus prizes. The Sarah Connor Bonus round ends when Connor and Reese escape the building.

The Terminator slot game also has lots of free spins to be won. You win the free spins if you get the Nitro Bomb symbol anywhere on reel 1, the Motorcycle symbol appears anywhere on reel 3 and the Tanker Truck symbol appears anywhere on reel 5 all at the same time.

When you get these three symbols together on the designated reels you activate the free spin feature. You will have three rounds. In each of these rounds you will have to select one symbol out of three to reveal the number of free spins you have won.

The Kyle Reese bonus feature in Terminator online casino slot is triggered at random and you have to shoot as many of Skynet’s robots without being spotted. If Skynet is alerted then you will be hunted down and the round will end if you are killed. Doodoodaaadooo!